Sunday, May 24, 2009

my studio!

photo 1: my comic book collection thus far. lots of stuff, all read by me. favorite graphic novel: Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. i have two copies and a display pop out at the top right.

photo 2: my drawing table. i wish i had some more glamorous drawing at the table, but i don't and didn't think of it until it was too late. page 4 of blind mice 10!

photo 3: wall of shame/fame. i have a lot of loves. on this wall i have steve nash autographed photo, devin hester runnin' it back at opening kickoff of superbowl, autographed, a cubs sign, alex ross litho, a convention poster of a blind mice appearance in 2003, and the same star wars poster i had a youngster in my bedroom. cool or fool, i'll let you decide.

photo 4: noteboard. yes i can't remember it all. a picture of a skeleton one of my group home boys gave me years ago. wally wood and ivan brunetti both take stabs at 22 panels that always work. spider-man and a get out of jail free card. let me know if you need it.

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