Sunday, May 24, 2009

photo 9: stacks. artwork to be framed, tones for the comic, paper, comics to be read and probably a lot of stuff i can't find and gave up on. i'm a little disorganized.

photo 10: excercise bike and junk pile. i have a pretty big house but we have a lot of stuff. sometimes this room is the warehouse to all the crap that we don't have time to deal with. just don't put it on my desk. i say this because it usually does get put on the desk!

photo 11: yeah, more crap. i had to put this long surfboard table in the office because i want the table to be free and ready to go. unfortunately, the desk to the left gets a lot of abuse. there's a bunch of markers in a pink puke tray my wife got at the hospital after a visit for gallbladder removal. they were gonna throw it away. i saved it. the musicians jamming in the back were bought with winnings at a local casino. my wife thinks they're tacky!

photo 12: to the right of the table. my practice drumkit. i'm a really good drummer, i kid you not. name a song and i'll rock out to it. used to be in bands and played shows. i miss rockin' out.

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