Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walter Payton

November 1st is the tenth anniversary of Walter Payton's death. I was fortunate to grow up in the burbs of Chicago during all of the "Sweetness" era of winning attitude and ability.

Growing up, my family rarely went to church. Church for us was having a big breakfast, being together and watching the Chicago Bears games as a family on Sundays. How lucky I was.

Walter Payton, from a far, taught me to never give up and I have taken that with me throughout my life. It was great seeing some of his highlights this evening and just laugh at how awesome he truly was!

God Bless Walter Payton.

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rakeback said...

Walter Payton always played the game with heart and passion and never ran out of bounce or went down easy. As a good a player as he was, most say he was a much better man!