Sunday, October 6, 2013


#24HCD wrap up- I had a great time! I hadn't drawn in three months so to work up 15 pages and have 2/3 of them finished is pretty awesome even if I left four hours early so I could go home to sleep so I could watch the Chicago Bears game- GO BEARS! I had a bunch of visitors stop by and or wish me well online- even Buzz Crisswell called the store and spoke to me as I was inking, encouraging me! Thank you for all the support over the years you and Andrea have given me! Beth Benjamin came buy to check on me and gave me lots of support as well as burned me a copy of Def Leppard's Pyromania- that was pretty rad! Of course I always like hanging out with my bro, Denny Michael Riccelli who killed his pages quite well- go visit to see for yourself! I was really impressed by my nephew Damon Begay who was killing his pages and was inking with a hunts 102-- so awesome. I'm proud of you and your effort Damon and I look forward to seeing your pages soon! Birdie Birdashaw finished up strong with time to nap on the couch and I look forward to seeing his effort as well- Birdie does a great laff web comic at and it's one of the few I check out regularly- great stuff and thanks for making me laugh and not cussing in front of my kids when they visited because I would have accidentally thrown you through the window. And last but not least, the juggernaut of the scene, Henry Scurry- this dude had me cracking up with his robot's making love music- get to know this dude- he will teach you about life!   We had lots of great visitors throughout the day- always great to see friends like Jeff Meredith, who interviewed us for the occasion, the Steam Crow family, Shawn Demumbrum, Raven Gregory, Jess Hurley, Lisa Secakuku and her family and a bunch of others-- and special thanks to my wife Teneil and my daughters Ella and Sophia for letting me do my OCHO stuff and for visiting me so I didn't miss seeing them the whole day- it meant a lot!  Also- big thanks to Jesse James Comics for hosting the event! Jesse was there with us until 4:00am working his magic for his store- thanks for all that you do for the comics community here in AZ!!!  Really guys, thank you all from the bottom of my heart; I am truly blessed to have all that I have! 

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