Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i am pretty geeked out at the prospect of putting out my second book! it has taken me quite a while to get back on track with this but it was well worth it. after releasing the first book, i joined a rock and roll band and did some drumming, recorded a bunch of songs, played a bunch of shows. along that path, i started dating my wife. we had some foster kids, we got married, had a kid of our own, and i really was enjoying my life. but slowly, i kept on thinking about my comics and could see progression from the beginning of book one to the end of book one. i knew i had to get back on it! and this book is the result of that hard work! drop me a line if you want one- it was written, illustrated, lettered and published all by me!!! and at 100 pages, it's like paying me ten cents a page for all the work i did on it! there's a kickstarter page with all kinds of goodies on it and i'll have a paypal link once i have the book in my hand! please help me out with this!!!

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